12 Great New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthier 2020

Ah, the New Year is soon upon us once again.  This is a time of renewal and inspiration as well as raw determination to finally commit to those resolutions that we’ve been putting off. But here’s the rub. Most resolutions fall by the wayside within 2-4 weeks and we are right back at square one.  So instead of trying to make major changes, I’d like to suggest an alternative plan.  This year, how about committing to smaller, simpler changes that are guaranteed to improve your quality of life.

Here is a list of 12 healthy habits that can transform you.  I have listed them by month, with the goal to continue the habits as the year goes on.  For instance, in February continue doing your January habit plus start the February habit.  Feel free to move these habits around to different months if this suits you better.  Just be sure to try all of them with the goal to do your best.   Your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it!

  • January:  Chew food 15 times per bite.  This will help improve digestion and aid in weight control.
  • February: Drink 15 ounces of water 3-4x/day. Your skin and digestion will thank you for it.
  • March: Walk 15 minutes 1-2/day. It’s okay to start slowly and add 1-2 minutes/day. This is an important habit that can improve your sleep, weight, mood and bowel regularity.
  • April: Meditation. 15 minutes daily can help reduce your stress levels. Again, it’s okay to start off with 3-5 minutes a day and build from there.
  • May: 15 minutes of sunshine daily to get your Vitamin D.
  • June: Take at least 15 minutes to finish each meal. 20 minutes is even better.
  • July: Take 15 deep breaths each day. 4-8 second inhale-hold for 4 and exhale for 4-8 seconds. Great stress reliever!
  • August: Socialize for 15 minutes daily. Studies show that enjoying daily face to face time with friends can add up to 5 years to your lifespan.
  • September: Strength training 15 minutes 2-3x/week. This will improve your metabolism and bone strength.
  • October: Take an Epsom salt bath for 15 minutes 3-7x/week. Just add 1 cup Epsom salts and ½ cup baking soda to your hot water bath and soak. Add aromatic oils if desired. This can help reduce toxins from your body.
  • November: Identify 15 things you are thankful for each day. Being grateful is essential to a positive attitude.
  • December: Turn off all electronics (television, computers, video games, tablets,) 15 minutes before bed. This down time will help improve the quality of your sleep.

Blessings for a happy and healthy 2020!

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Patty Walker RD LD CDE CLT

Patty is proud to serve her community’s nutritional needs for over 35 years.  WIth deep knowledge in nutrition for diabetes as well as passion for plant-based diets, Patty supplies nutritional keys to unlock health by getting to the root of disease and helping others set a course for optimizing health. In addition to coaching individual clients and teaching classes, Patty provides education seminars to local businesses, writes monthly nutrition articles, is a key educator for the Lions Club’s Diabetes-Reduction Initiative and hosts “Nutritional Wisdom” cable show on WCTV. The goal is to reach as many people in my community that I possibly can with the truth about the power of nutrition and healthy living.

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