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More Healthy Habits to Regain Your Health

What Can You do to Regain Your Health-Part 2 In my last post ( I pitched my stance that readopting forgotten habits may be the key to regaining our health.   Here are the rest of the dinnertime rituals from the past: More Lessons from our Grandparent’s Dinner Table Eat real…

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Healthy Habits to Regain Your Health

We are getting sicker There is evidence of chronic disease everywhere we look.  Obesity rates continue to rise annually and encompasses over 40% of our adult population. Heart disease still is our number one killer despite all the medical advances in the past seventy years.   Diabetes rates have increased 10-fold…

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Nutrition and Cancer-What you Need to Know

According to the CDC (center for Disease Control), cancer is currently the second leading cause of death in our country  ( and the number one killer in over 20 States in the USA. Known risk factors include lifestyle choices such as diet, activity, tobacco and alcohol, exposure to environmental toxins…

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Nutrition Ideas for Covid 19

  Covid 19, an uninvited pandemic, offers us lessons if we choose to listen.  We know that the elderly, African Americans, Latinos and persons with certain underlying medical conditions are at higher risk of contracting and/or dying from this virus.  Combined, this suggests that over 50% of our population is…

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Diabetes Myths and Facts

It is estimated that 1 in 3 adults have diabetes or pre-diabetes so it affects all of us one way or the other. Can you identify the myths from facts?  Answer true or false, then look below for the correct answers MYTH OR FACT? Eating too much sugar will cause…

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Is the DASH Diet right for you?

The DASH Diet has landed in the top spots in the Best Diet category for the past 10 years, according to the US World & News Report. Despite these accolades, most Americans are unfamiliar with what the DASH Diet is.  Perhaps this is because it is not a super…

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