Nutrition Ideas for Covid 19


Covid 19, an uninvited pandemic, offers us lessons if we choose to listen.  We know that the elderly, African Americans, Latinos and persons with certain underlying medical conditions are at higher risk of contracting and/or dying from this virus.  Combined, this suggests that over 50% of our population is affected.

But let us look closer at these risk factors.  While we have no control of ethnicity or age, we ARE in control of our personal choices that may lead to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and obesity.

Your diet, activity and smoking choices, along with body weight are your biggest predictors for your future health outcomes.

Here are some evidenced-based Nutrition Ideas to strengthen your immune system.

Eat More of:

  1. Fresh or unsweetened frozen fruit: 3-6 servings/day
  2. Fresh or frozen vegetables: 3-6 servings/day
  3. Whole grains, legumes and potato: 3-6 servings/day
  4. Plant-based Omega 3 (walnuts, flax, hemp or chia seeds) daily

What is Whole Food Plant-Based Diet | Nutriplanet

The top 4 suggestions are supported by Blue Zone Studies and are the basis of the top 3 winners (Mediterranean, DASH and Flexitarian) from the US News & World Report 2020 Best Diet Report.  See article here:

Eat Less of:

  1. Conventionally raised dairy foods (cheese, milk, cream, yogurt, ice cream)
  2. Sugar, sweeteners and artificial sweeteners
  3. White and/or enriched flour
  4. Sweet and salty snacks
  5. Meat, poultry, fish and eggs
  6. Vegetable oils

The Standard American Diet is Even Sadder Than We Thought

These items are the foundation of the Standard American Diet (SAD) and these are the foods that are linked to most chronic diseases.  This means that popular Keto diets and the liberal use of olive oils may be undermining your health.


Curious where your diet stacks up?  I invite you to take this 2 minute survey:

We are all hopeful that a vaccination for Covid 19 will be out soon. Yet, even that is no guarantee. So why not also take action to boost your immune system through diet choices? Simple, permanent changes can make a difference.  Contact me to at and start your journey towards meeting your health goals one step at a time.

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Patty Walker RD LD CDE CLT

Patty is proud to serve her community’s nutritional needs for over 35 years.  WIth deep knowledge in nutrition for diabetes as well as passion for plant-based diets, Patty supplies nutritional keys to unlock health by getting to the root of disease and helping others set a course for optimizing health. In addition to coaching individual clients and teaching classes, Patty provides education seminars to local businesses, writes monthly nutrition articles, is a key educator for the Lions Club’s Diabetes-Reduction Initiative and hosts “Nutritional Wisdom” cable show on WCTV. The goal is to reach as many people in my community that I possibly can with the truth about the power of nutrition and healthy living.

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